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Dear Tom,

I am submitting this Christmas Wish on behalf of the South Florida Boys & Girls Choir-“Hope Through Harmony” after school program. We are a Florida non-profit organization, “Saving Lives Through Song.”

Our program offers artistic/performance training to “at-risk” boys and girls, ranging in age from 6-17.  Our focus is music, however, we also offer academic tutoring, homework assistance and personal development counseling at little to no cost to our participants.   The majority of our students come from low income, single parent households.

Our Christmas Wish is for 60 button-down shirts with collars, embroidered with our logo, which will be our “choral casual attire.”  We have choir robes, vests and bow ties/cummerbunds for our choral formal attire, but would like to have a “uniformed casual look”.

The choir is scheduled to sing the national anthem, center field, at the Marlins’ game on July 30th and would like to debut our “new look” at that time.

Unfortunately, the shirts are an expense that our parents and organization can’t shoulder at this time for this important event and we need your help.

Thank you for your consideration.



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