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We live in an instant world where everything is expected in the blink of an eye: Instant messages, instant coffee and microwavable food ready in a matter of minutes. As the nature of society has become rushed, so have our personal activities including those within the bedroom.

Sex for many has become nothing more than a bumping of bodies in order to satisfy the sexual urges of one or both partners, and as a result, intimacy and affection are often left out of the equation. Sex is more than just two bodies moving feverishly to reach an orgasm. This time of pairing is all about energy exchange, and when two are joined as one the energy created is magical.  Sex with no attachments is left up to the purveyors of the free spirited and non-committers, but for the happily committed couple intimacy should be at the core of a sexual relationship.

Rough sex, kink play and various forms of sexual expression that are fueled by aggression are perfectly healthy ways to become involved in erotic play, but the element of gentleness coupled with adoration is important to maintain a healthy sexual balance. It seems that many have lost the ability to show affection towards their beloved partners, but just as anything else in life the art of affection can be taught and adopted once again.

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