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Chris Brown isn’t the only one in his family who has a knack for setting the record straight.

Last week, Breezy’s home was invaded yet again, but this time, it was his aunt, Christine Brown, who was put in danger. In case you missed it, Christine was there when masked gunmen robbed Chris’ house – she was also tied up and held hostage in the process.

While giving her talk show viewers an update on the ugly ordeal, Wendy Williams offended Chris’ aunt, and now Christine is speaking out.

Wendy placed a lot of blame on Christine, blasting her for allegedly opening the door in the middle of the night. She also assumed:

“How much you wanna bet the aunt was actually in the mix, like one of them young aunts doing it big in the club?”

Then, the 51-year-old TV and former radio personality went on to show her audience what she thought was a young-looking photo of Christine. In the picture, Chris’ aunt perfects her duck lip at an angle.

Here is Christine’s response:

Wendy’s been pissing people off a lot lately. Thoughts?

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Instagram

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