If you’ve seen the news recently or even a few years back, there seems to always be some rumor or two (or three) about powerhouse couple Will & Jada Pinkett Smith’s impending divorce. Lately, the rumor mill has started up again and more than a few people (and websites), jumped on the bandwagon saying that the couple is officially calling it quits.

But many were shocked when Will Smith, instead of ignoring all rumors like the couple has done so successfully in the past, to respond to the allegations publicly on his facebook page.  The Hollywood actor states:

So, instead of jumping on the bandwagon like many media outlets, took some time to research some of the points as to why and how they power couple stays together despite the many rumors.  Here’s 4 key things we found:

1. Their Respect For One Another: Time and time again in many interviews, both Will and Jada mention their mutual admiration for each other’s quality of work.  Will has mentioned Jada in his songs as well as when he’s on the red carpet with things like “I really think [this] is a good role for her. It allows her to spread her wings creatively and show her true talent.” And on the flipside, Jada is very complementary of Will whenever a question gets asked about her husbands roles.  They are a united front.  Something we don’t see in Hollywood much, but it is definitely appreciated.

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2. They Do What Works For Them: Never have Will nor Jada mentioned that because this one couple has done something that they will do it too.  Nope.  Just doesn’t happen.  In their interviews, they mention creating their own games or fun routines that makes THEM happy, no one else.  So even when folks crticize how they do their marriage, we must remember, it’s THEIR marriage, not ours. If they like it, then it’s good for them.

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