Everyone has that one friend that is the go-to source for sex and love advice, and it turns out that everyone’s favorite “Barb” Nicki Minaj fits that description. In a very telling interview for July’s issue of Cosmopolitan, the “Pinkprint” rapper opens up about her recent breakup, mommy goals and of course sex. “I demand that I climax,” states Minaj in the most revealing interview she has done to date. “I think women should demand that.”

Nicki goes on to talk about how she goes about teaching her girlfriends that have never experienced the pleasure of an orgasm and the key to reaching one. “I have a friend who’s never had an orgasm in her life. In her life! That hurts my heart.  It’s cuckoo to me. We always have orgasm interventions where we, like, show her how to do stuff.  We’ll straddle each other saying, ‘You gotta get on him like that and do it like this.’…”

Nicki’s interventions sound like a lot of fun especially during a girls’ night in with a few drinks and some music to liven the vibe. Sex is always a topic of discussion among friends, and it pays to have at least one friend in the group that isn’t afraid to tell it like it is about sexuality.  Every woman should have a sex positive friend with the mindset like the “Queen of Rap,” but why you may ask?  Well, there are a few reasons:

Your sex life will never get stale.

Having a friend who is sexually aware is like having your own sex guru within reach.  Sure, she may not know everything there is to know about sex, but she knows enough to be able to guide you into the direction of sexual satisfaction.  So don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed to reach out to her for some sexy tips.  She is your BFF after all.

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