Intimacy is the one aspect of romantic relationships that is often misinterpreted. Many believe intimacy to be the physical act of sexual intercourse, and while intimacy can be present in these moments of pleasure, the basis of intimacy has absolutely nothing to do with sex at all. In fact, many relationships are faced with an absence of intimacy because of a lack of understanding of what it is.

In his book, “Intimacy: Trusting Oneself and the Other,” OSHO describes intimacy as relating to others and oneself in authenticity. Intimacy first begins with a complete understanding of self and a retransformation of the mind. To be intimate, OSHO teaches that one must first have an introverted relationship with self where all opinions of others and the outside world are kept out.

The Power of Meditation  

In order to become intimate with your lover, you must know who you truly are based on what your inner voice tells you. That inner voice is what is considered to be God energy, or life force energy that gives you the power of being. “We are taught from an early age to live outwardly,” OSHO states. In order to find yourself you must go into mediation. For many, meditation is a foreign concept that appears difficult to grasp, but it is truly simple.  For 10 minutes or more a day, sit in total silence with your eyes closed, steadily breathing and think about nothing.  Allow all outside thoughts to fall from your mind and listen to what your inner voice is saying.  Then ask yourself the question, “Who am I?” Without identifying with your family, friends, work, social clubs and the opinions of others, who are you really?

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