To be intimate is to be completely naked in relating to those around you.  NO masks, NO representatives, NO facades. In order to have the deep connection with your partner that creates intense sexual moments, you have to know yourself and then trust your partner with who you truly are. It is being vulnerable and open with the most intimate parts of your being.

Develop Intimacy In Your Relationship

Many couples sleep together at night and aren’t aware of who the person they sleep next to really is. There is a lack of intimacy that creates that barrier in situations such as this. Communication is the tool necessary for couples to remain aware of each other through life’s changes.

A great activity to use as a way to check in with each other’s true selves is to use lists. Create a list of check in questions that inquire about intimate parts of one’s life. Life changes such as becoming parents, experiencing death in the family, job changes or sickness can change people’s perspectives on self and life, and ultimately change the person as a whole. Make the commitment to check in with yourself and your partner to remain in intimacy.

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If communication and connecting intimately is a difficulty within your relationship, consider talking to a relationship coach who can help point you in the right direction. Once intimacy is established, trust will be at the center of your relationship, bringing with it the freedom to explore sexually and connect more deeply.

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