Angie Stone

Source: Rob Kim / Getty

By BridgetEE

If there wasn’t an old school, there wouldn’t be a new school. In a wedding the bride should always have something that is borrowed and something that is blue, and when it comes to matters of the heart, well I think we all have some bad habits. But I thank God that Angie Stone has two: 2 Bad Habits that is.

Angie Stone is a talented, multifaceted artist that manages to re-invent herself time and time again, with her soulful craft. I don’t know if we will ever know another artist that will ever be able to stand the tests of an ever-changing music industry as masterfully as Angie Stone does. Sometimes, no, most times, in order to give greatness, you have to go back to where greatness originated and that’s from the love and passion of music and you. That’s right Angie Stone is back with new music, 2 Bad Habits, were she expresses the love and weaknesses that keeps her thriving in a world that needs to get back to where real music originated from. Have a taste of what her 2 Bad Habits are, but if I had to guess you are one of them ;) Please as always, listen and respond responsibly…For More

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