It seems like you’ve seen superstar Beyonce’ everywhere: From your favorite magazine cover to that gossip blog you may read about, or even the news talking about her vegan diet and delivery service.  But one thing you haven’t seen in over a year from the now 34-year-old entertainer, is an interview.  As a matter of fact, the star has not granted an interview to the press since 2013.

And there’s a reason for that.

Over time, fans have changed. And celebrities have changed too.  Right now, we live in a society where more is more. You have to know everything about the celebrity, what they are doing (twitter), what they are wearing (intagram), and how they’re doing it right now (periscope).  But the demand for this is even greater now with more and more being said–whether true or not–about celebrities and them having to defend it.

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On the flip side, celebs buy into it when they continue their rants, public service announcements and peeks into their world on Twitter, talking about who-knows-what in a short 140-character doses gives us a false sense that we—”regular” everyday people—are actually interacting with them. Share every moment of your life, and we’ll care about you more!

We want everything from these people: a command of high-low talking points that has them discussing everything from their reality TV guilty pleasures to their stances on feminism and gun control.

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But a peek into someone’s world is not bad.  It only becomes bad when all we want to see in perfection.

If someone is having a bad hair day.

If someone is not feeling well.

If someone has lost a loved one.

Or if someone just plain old “isn’t feeling it” that way.

There are those who are waiting in the wings to pounce on them and tell them how terrible they are.

But in actuality, imperfection is beautiful.

In a video on YouTube titled “‘Self-Titled’ Part 2 . Imperfection,” Bey explains the life lesson she was taught at a young age, and encourages her fans to find the beauty in their imperfections.

“I feel like something about the aggression of ‘Bow Down’ and the attitude of ‘Flawless’—the reality is, sometimes…

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