“Netflix and chill” has been the topic of many memes and discussions recently on social media and it speaks to the current conditions of the dating scene. “Hooking up” and “kicking back” have replaced the traditional first date activities where serious daters actually invested time in getting to know each other beyond physical attraction.

It’s sad to say, but the average new age millennial has lost sight of what it actually means to court. Tinder, SoulSwipe and apps of the like are partially responsible for the lack of substance-filled interaction in the dating arena, but their existence doesn’t mean it’s the end of traditional dating all together. Existing within the shadows of hookup culture are hopeless romantics who continue to appreciate the aroma of fresh flowers and the ambiance of a candle lit dinner.

But how can one that fits in this category go about dating in a culture that seems to have lost its romantic touch? If you’re looking to date seriously in today’s sexually charged climate, here are a few pieces of advice to keep you off of the couch.

Set standards early on.

If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything, and chances are if you don’t set your standards early on you will be suckered into spending an evening on a couch eating Chinese takeout and surfing late night television before your shirt is over your head on the way to the floor. There is nothing wrong with a cozy night in, but that type of dating activity is better suited for a couple that has had its fair share of adventures outside of the home. Create a level of standard in the beginning that meets your preferences in dating etiquette and don’t be shy about letting your standards be known.

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