Most people do not breathe correctly. You may have heard this before and it is true. The majority of people only use the top half of their lungs. This is a problematic because in this scenario, there is not enough oxygen flowing through the body. Shallow breathing, and even over-breathing is more stressful on the body than you may think. Bad breathing techniques lead to an unbalanced nervous system, shrinkage of blood vessels, and a lack of energy for the brain, heart, and muscles.

Conversely, Dr. Mandell – known for his popular breathing Youtube videos –  claims, “Proper breathing elevates your mood, increases your stamina, your mental clarity, as well as detoxifying our own eternal system.” The tension and anxiety and stresses that we live in everyday affect our breathing; they affect how we bring oxygen into the cells. But at one point, everybody knew how to breathe correctly without any thought to it.  So how do we breathe properly again?

Dr. Mandell suggests, “Watch the babies. They breathe so gentle. So non forceful. So easy. They breathe from their stomach instead of from their chest like we do as adults.”

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