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Of course you’ve seen Janelle Monae’s “Yoga” music video by now, right? The very first shot starts behind Janelle as we see her meditating while floating in the air. As the camera quickly moves in towards her, it pans around to her face. Here, her eyes are closed and she looks peaceful and at ease. So it came as no surprise to me that during an interview with Queen Latifah during The Queen Latifah Show, Latifah asked her, “I heard you don’t leave your house without your sense of confidence and peace. How do you do that?” Monae replied, “You have to. I live in Atlanta. I have little turn up sessions with my friends where I will put on rap music, and just go crazy. I do yoga.” Apparently, Monae practices yoga outside of the music video, as well.

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The beauty, simplicity, grace and confidence that become a part of you via yoga practice will make you stand out. You will feel your body become stronger and more flexible. Yoga also gives you clarity of mind, equipping you with the mental power to overcome hardships. Janelle couples that with a strong family bond. “I allow myself to be frustrated for three minutes. I’m like, ‘Okay, Janelle, you got three minutes. Get it together.’” Turning to the audience, she revealed, “I talk to myself. I do. But when I’m too stressed, I need to take a break. I just need to take a break. (As if to herself) Go call your grandmother. Go call home because your tribe connects you back. They remind you how blessed you are and of the struggle they went through so you could make it where you are today.” This statement was met with a cheering audience.

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