( — Steve Harvey, the King of Comedy, actor, and celebrated host of his own top-rated, nationally syndicated morning radio show, has long been known for these things: His extremely toothy, 1,000-watt, gleaming-white grin; his impeccably trimmed, unconventionally high afro; and his curiously long, baggy, and colorful zoot suit-inspired apparel. Indeed, this is the Steve Harvey you expect to see when you hear his voice which explains why his weight loss transformation made jaws drop to the floor.

It’s a fitness and weight loss transformation, revealed just recently, his fans are appreciating. Now Steve Harvey hopes middle-aged men who’ve traded in their fitness exercise program in the gym for an unhealthy diet plan will embrace his fitness and weight loss journey and choose to embark on their own fitness exercise program journey. The comedian’s head-to-gut alteration is part of his new “50 and Fly” campaign, in which he and Haney, now a fitness trainer and fitness exercise and nutrition expert, are encouraging men ages 40 and older to tone up, lose weight, eat the right diet plan, and, most importantly, stop using age as an excuse to skip doing any fitness exercise program.

To jump-start the weight loss plan and fitness exercise program campaign, Harvey and his fitness trainer Lee Haney created a “50 and Fly” DVD on fitness exercise, a fitness exercise program book, and a fitness exercise Web site featuring Harvey documenting his fitness exercise program and weight loss transformation and demonstrating Haney’s fitness exercise and nutrition weight loss program designed specifically to boost the health, strength, endurance, and metabolism of the seasoned set. The “50 and Fly” headline: If Steve Harvey could put down the fork, pick up a dumbbell exercise equipment, and wind up with the best set of guns and abs he’s ever had in his 51 years on this here Earth, then any man can.

“The middle-aged guy that’s been sitting around, getting a little fat, getting lazy, not keeping toned, not stretching, stopping at the fast-food joints, making mashed potatoes and lacing everything in butter? I was that guy,” says Steve Harvey, who’s been doing his fitness training exercise program with Haney since last November. “But I can tell you that we can make some better food choices in our diet plan, we can get on a weight loss and fitness exercise program that’s smart for a guy our age—even a guy in his 30s. All you need is weight bench exercise equipment and a set of dumbbells exercise equipment and you can change the way you look.”

For sure, Steve Harvey’s fitness exercise crusade was born of vanity the day he turned the Big 5-0 last year. His son called him an “old man,” and a Steve Harvey Morning Show call-in listener blithely proclaimed him “over the hill.”

Steve Harvey says, he had run through every fad weight loss plan imaginable—the cabbage weight loss diet plan, the lemonade and cayenne pepper weight loss diet plan, the grapefruit weight loss diet plan, Atkins weight loss diet plan, Body for Life weight loss diet plan—with little success. And he couldn’t stick with any one particular fitness trainer because they insisted on putting him on a fitness training exercise program like he had the body of a 20-something.

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