He met his fitness trainer, Haney last summer at an event in Atlanta, where fitness trainer Haney runs his fitness exercise program and nutrition and diet plan business. When Haney offered to put Steve Harvey on a weight loss plan and fitness exercise program, Steve Harvey immediately got on board to start his fitness exercise and weight loss journey. “Right there, I walked in with an instant amount of respect; he’s the eight-time Mr. Olympia,” Steve Harvey says simply.

Steve Harvey followed his fitness trainer’s two biggest directives: “Eat for what you’re about to do, not what you’ve done.” Which means, if you’re about to undergo a fitness exercise program, eat carbs on your diet plan; if you’re about to go to sit on your butt, eat a small meat-and-vegetables-only meal diet plan. And, “Stimulate, Don’t Annihilate.” Which means you don’t have to tear up your muscles to see results of your fitness exercise program.

Changing his diet plan has been Steve Harvey’s biggest challenge especially because of his busy schedule. He admits that he still cheat on his weight loss diet plan from time to time, but now, he knows that screwing up his diet plan doesn’t mean his weight loss program is over. “I just put in some extra time on the treadmill fitness exercise equipment, and if I miss a fitness exercise program session, I do it the next time and go back to eating a clean diet plan.”

Steve Harvey also still has the tendency to go overboard with his fitness training exercise program, a product of getting fitness exercise advice and direction from less experienced fitness trainers who insisted on putting him through a fitness training exercise program meant for men half his age.

If his fitness exercise program was any indication, Steve Harvey is beyond functional. During the course of an hour, Haney put Steve Harvey through a serious circuit fitness training exercise pace, constantly moving him between aerobic exercise and core stimulation exercise (on the treadmill exercise equipment and doing crunch exercise and lunge exercise) and some hardcore lifting exercise (exercise equipment military dumbbell presses, bent over rolls and lateral and frontal raise combos, and lat pull-downs). No breaks. Always on his feet, in stances that simulate real-life movement.

The fitness training exercise program, Steve Harvey says, has upped his strength, endurance, and metabolism, made him lose weight, and made him so sexy and virile. “It’s a virtual fountain of youth,” adds fitness trainer Haney. “Age management at its best.”  “He’s not only healthier, he’s truly functional, he looks good physically, and he can handle his business,” fitness trainer Haney adds.

Steve Harvey’s Weight Loss Journey  was originally published on blackdoctor.org

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