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In the world of double taps for likes, “slut shaming,” Instagram models, billionaire babies, everything designer, faking it until you make it and the many social platforms that give us the audience to watch us play out every aspect of our lives, it’s no wonder you might find yourself in a silent competition with others. STOP IT!

Every now and then I have to step back and reflect on my life, my accomplishments and what I am still striving for. It’s so easy to get caught up in what other people around you are doing and accomplishing that you forget that life isn’t actually “perfect”.

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Don’t get me wrong, Instagram is most definitely my guilty pleasure, but even I can admit that social media is about presenting the best you to the world, even if its not REALLY you.

What I mean by this is the culture of social media has created a place where we are constantly observing only the best of people and their lives. For instance, who takes 100 selfies and chooses the worst one?

And what about that nice new dream car one of your followers just bought, but failed to mention how they were unemployed for six months the year before. No one wants to promote their flawed reality. It’s just not how society works. But that’s just it, it’s not reality.We are so hung up on displaying a life of perfection, we forget that life is about imperfection.

According to a study done by the consumer trends company Future Foundation, “56% of social media users believe that they are not living up to their full potential.” The study goes on to suggest that 1 in 3 regular users wish they could be the person they described themselves as on social media, rather than the one they are in real life.

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