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mike jones weight lossHouston rapper Mike Jones, who rose to fame in 2005 with songs that had fans shouting his name in songs like “Back Then” where the rapper professed “Back then they didn’t want me, now I’m hot, now they’re all on me.”

But over the past few years, nobody has seen Mike to even shout his name anymore. The Houston native has been off the scene for at least four years. But he emerged with a new look — losing over 100 pounds, and honestly looking younger than when he first hit the scene.

His weight loss photo was met with mixed reactions from the rapper’s fans and critics, however, Mike seems to be pretty proud of his accomplishment. He tweeted this in reply to the public response to his weight loss:

“It’s funny when I was 300 pounds they wanted me to lose weight. Now that I lost it, haters want me to gain it back! Haters never satisfied!

Within the five years, Jones has been low-key, focusing on his well-being. He lost 100 pounds in the process just by jumping on the treadmill every day. “First in 2005, I was 305, 310 pounds, but I wasn’t trippin’,” he shares. “I wasn’t trying to lose anything really at the time because I was happy with my size. But then when I started going through label politics and people not understanding the music, I took time away from all that and put time into working on my health.”

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Jones reveals that the 2009 song ‘Drop & Gimme 50′ was actually somewhat inspired by his extreme weight loss. At the time he’d hit the 50-pound loss mark. “I said, ‘If I just lost 50, the ladies finna lose 50 by getting on the dance floor. Man. Last time I was in the club like, a week ago, these ladies dropped and gave me 50.”

In the video below, Mike reveals how he lost some weight initially: using the treadmill.

The treadmill actually is a great way to start seeing small weight loss results early.

Here is a simple, but effective treadmill workout:

0-2 minutes – increase speed to half your normal output.

3-5 minutes – increase incline to 15%

6-8 minutes – increase incline to 20%

9-12 minutes – bring incline down to 5%

13-15 minutes – increase speed to 75% output

16-18 minutes – increase incline to 10%

19-25 minutes – gradually decrease speed (every 60 seconds) to return to starting speed

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