A house fire in Tulsa, Oklahoma left more than 100 residents without fire and heat this past weekend, but it was the hilarious recap of from one of the tenants that have gone viral…of course.

According to KOTV 6:

It destroyed the electrical panels that serve the entire Casa Linda apartment complex.

It’s the reason why all of the residents there are without power tonight. When we got to the scene earlier today we expected everyone would be miserable and upset. But that’s not at all what we found.

“You could hear ’em poppin’,” Edward Robinson said. “It actually sounded like the Fourth of July in there.”

What Robinson and his neighbors heard was electrical wires frying.

The fire burned the storage unit right under Centoria Lee’s apartment.

“I heard some noise, but I thought it was somebody drillin’. I seen smoke, so I just wrapped my baby up and went out the door and went to my friend’s house,” Lee said.

She and her 9-month-old daughter lost some of their clothes, baby toys, and the baby’s crib in the fire. But they have an entire apartment complex full of neighbors and friends cheering them up.