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1. Awkward Encounters 

So pretty much everyone you come in contact with is going to give you looks and stares, and your friends and family are going to bombard you with what will seem like a never ending list of questions about how you met. You will often feel like you are on trial, and end up feeling obligated to defend yourself towards people and their misconceptions, assumptions and opinions.

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2. Parents Won’t Approve

Depending on what point in your life you decide to deep dive into a relationship with a man twice your age, it may be hard to take him home to mom and dad (yikes!). Parents can be pretty hard to impress when it comes to who you date, but when you add 10 or more years to their age it changes the introduction conversation completely.

3. He’s Settled 

Older men tend to have already settled their roots and are happy with where they are. As a young woman you may be ready to take life by the horns, live a little, and go with the flow. When your big career opportunity knocks on the door and it’s half way across the country, or around the globe even, don’t expect him to pack up his house and go with you. Older men don’t tend to enjoy change as much as younger men do. They like what they’ve become accustomed to, and they will expect you to understand that.

4. Your Friends Won’t Mesh

Forget “friendsgiving” and double dates with your best friend. At least, not right away. Dating an older man means that the majority of his friends are older as well. Can you imagine taking your high off life care-free friends around his stuffy and overly polished and professional friends? You both might often feel like you have to keep your friendships separate from your relationship for a while until you figure out how to mix the two, if ever!

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5. No More Shared Firsts

An older man has “been there and done that”. Depending on all that he has experienced in his life, he may have been married before, had kids before, and traveled all the places you’ve wanted to go. If you are one that wants to grow with someone and experience all that life has to offer for the first time together, this may not be the relationship for you.


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