Once again, Wendy Williams has rubbed a celebrity the wrong way.

This time, it’s TLC‘s Chilli, who brought her wrath to the daytime talk show host after she mentioned the group recently in her “Hot Topics” segment.

While discussing Naughty by Nature’s recently launched KickStarter campaign to fund their next album, Williams touched on TLC’s efforts to use the site to request donations from fans to help them create a new offering.

In Williams’ eyes, Naughty by Nature is on a different level that TLC. So much so that Naughty members Treach, Vin Rock and DJ Kay Gee should be above asking for money.

“TLC even though they’re legendary, I look at them in a different lane than I look at Naughty by Nature … there are certain people that are so legendary that you can just survive off your old music and tour for the rest of your life,” Williams said while noting that although her producer Norman donated money to TLC’s KickStarter, he never received what was promised to him.