In a hospital recovery room, I fainted. I wasn’t even a patient.

After seeing my son wake up from a simple dental surgery, I lost my mind and soon, my consciousness. I started sweating instantly. I knew I was having a panic attack, but I’d never passed out before. “I think I need air,” I said to the nurse tending to my son.

“I’m sure I’m fine but if you could just watch him for a moment…” And then, bam. My knees buckled, and I don’t even remember what happened after falling to the floor. I was out cold.

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I woke up — I think minutes later — in a wheelchair surrounded by a troop of nurses, concern on their faces as they continued to check all of my vitals. Now, I was the one hooked up to machines. Blood pressure, okay now. Pulse, fine. Temperature, completely normal.

A healthy person should not be passing out in a room filled with post-surgery folks waking up from anesthesia. But, I did and it was likely all my fault. I didn’t eat all day, I drank a large coffee, and I let the anxiety and stress get to me.

If you faint and there are no major health issues, it may be because of a common problem affecting your blood pressure. When it drops, the brain doesn’t get enough oxygen. That lack of oxygen circulation can cause a loss of consciousness.

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Simple, everyday lapses can cause you to faint, but here are some of the ways to prevent it:

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