woman coffee sadWhen you’ve lost your mother – whether by death, abandonment or other painful circumstances – birthdays and holidays can be the hardest days to get through, especially Mother’s Day. This time of year is one of solace, reflection and grief, making the holiday even more difficult for you.

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There is a saying, “Grief is just love with nowhere to go.” Right now, you likely want to reminisce, laugh and cry all at the same time. It’s okay to grieve, no matter how many years have passed. Recognize that these emotions are normal because of the close bond between a mother and child. Because of this, you will always miss your mother.

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However, there are some ways you can still honor and celebrate your mother even if she is not physically in your life.

1. Find a cause which honors your mom. Honor your mom through a cause in which she was passionate about during her life. Was your mom active with homeless shelters? Did she love animals, spend time helping children through a specific organization? Look up your mom’s cause on a website and see how you can help this particular organization. Pay homage to your mom by finding a way to spend time volunteering at the organization. If your time is limited, you can also make a donation to this nonprofit.

2. Plant a tree or garden in her memory. You can visit a nursery or local store that sells plants or trees and plant a tree in your mom’s honor. You can also use a nonprofit like National Arbor Day Foundation to have a tree planted in memory of your mother. This is a way to create a lasting memory of your mom.

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3. Cook your favorite childhood meal. If there was a special dish your mom made for you as a kid, prepare it and share it with your family and friends along with the memories that made that particular meal special to you. Spend time swapping stories about your childhood that make you laugh and remember the qualities that made mom special to all of you.

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