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Stepping out as a solo artist, Cooper’s new single “Saved Me,” from her upcoming album, Closer, captures the raw emotion of her battle with depression and heartbreak.

Montina Cooper Beyonce Mamas background singers“Music, it’s given me such great ammunition and has given me a means of being able to express myself emotionally because that was the only outlet for me at that point,” Cooper explained.

The Houston native has been singing ever since she was 2 – thanks to her father, a former musician, who spent time rehearsing Cooper and her older sister as children. After her hospital scare, Cooper sought therapy and God. Since then, she’s been able to forgive her father and let go of all the baggage she’s carried around because of him.

“A lot of the things that my dad did, he doesn’t even remember. And the things he does remember, he’s asked for forgiveness,” Cooper said.

Her father has now been clean for years.

Closer, my album, is about going through relationships and getting to the right relationships,” said Cooper, who is now married with children. “I was carrying my dad around with me on my back for ever and ever and ever. When I let that go, I just felt free.”

Watch Montina’s live performance of “Saved Me” below. 

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