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With barbecues, family reunions and social outings in abundance, summer is prime time for eating. But, are some of your favorite foods that say “summer” not so good for you during the season? Experts recommend some foods be avoided – especially if you’re watching your weight – and you may be surprised at what makes the list.

1. Where’s the beef? While burgers and summer go hand in hand, they can cause your body’s temperature to rise – literally. As a result, they take longer to digest. If you are looking to maintain or lose weight for the summer, select another protein option with less fat.

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2. Drink water versus tea and coffee. You may love a morning cup of coffee, but because coffee and tea both act as diuretics, they are probably not the best way to start off your day. Diuretics cause you to use the bathroom more often and rid your body of salt and water, which can cause you to dehydrate. Grab a glass of fresh juice or water instead.

3. Eat ribs in small portions only. Ribs are often strongly associated with summertime, but they may not be the best option for you to eat. A quarter pound of beef or pork ribs is about 288 calories and loaded with saturated fat. This caloric number is BEFORE you add the BBQ sauce! If you indulge, substitute the sauce for low-fat spices like mustard, garlic and chili powder. Also, trim any visible fat on the ribs and eat small portion sizes.

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