… that’s what she kept repeating.”

At least 11 police officers were shot ambush-style by the snipers at the rally Thursday night, officials said.

Five officers were killed. The conditions of the seven others remain unknown. Taylor was one of two civilians injured.

Taylor was separated from some of her sons in the confusion and panic. Her other boys were stuck behind a police barricade at a hotel near a parking garage where officers engaged in a standoff with a suspect for several hours.

Three suspects are in custody and a fourth died during a standoff in a parking garage, although on Friday morning police suggested they believe the person who died may have acted alone. Police detonated a bomb to try to “blast him out,” Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings, killing him.

We continue to pray for Shetamia, her family, the families of the police officers and all of those who are hurting.  Even as the physical wounds heal, there are some mental wounds that need to heal as well.

Prayers Up: Dallas Woman Shot Shielding Her Son From Sniper Bullets  was originally published on blackdoctor.org

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