Cleveland Prepares For Republican National Convention

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CLEVELAND — Actor Antonio Sabato Jr. doesn’t care what people think about his support of Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump.

“No, I don’t really care.  Our country’s a mess,” the Italian-born soap star told Fox 8 News.  “This election is probably the most important.”

Sabato Jr. is in town to stand up for the man he met some 20 years ago.  Formerly a Democrat, the actor talked about why he thinks Trump is ready for the White House.

“He loves this country.  It’s just common sense.  He’s the guy.”

Touching on his family side, Sabato Jr. praised Trump for being a “great father,” “good husband,” and “good man.”

Wondering what the reality star thinks of our city?  Don’t worry … he loves it.

“Cleveland is pretty awesome.  I’ve been here before.  I’ve shot my show here, Fix It And Finish … did a lot of renovations around the city.  It was in the winter, but I loved (the city) anyway … the view over this beautiful lake, and the city is really fun.”

Sabato Jr., scheduled to speak Monday evening, said he was thrilled to be here.  “It’s an honor to be asked to talk.  This is an amazing event.”



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