bike cleveland

We’ve all heard the expression “go with the flow,” right? Well did you know that “going with the flow” also applies to riding a bicycle? Well it DOES! OK, I know what you’re thinking: it’s safer to ride TOWARD traffic so you can see who’s coming. That’s how we were taught, right? Well, we were taught, people! Did you know that you are three times more likely to get hit by a car when riding AGAINST traffic than WITH it? WHY???? Because drivers pulling out of a driveway or side street just don’t expect you to be coming from their right. They’re looking for cars and bikes coming from their LEFT. Worse yet, if you DO get hit, you’ll be the one at fault as riding the wrong way is not only riskier, but it’s also illegal. Why risk getting hurt in a crash AND end up with a ticket?!! As summer wears on, let’s ride smart, folks, and GO WITH THE FLOW! Learn more by visiting Bike Cleveland’s website at www dot BikeCleveland dot org forward slash All Drivers.                                                                    This message brought to you by the YMCA of Greater Cleveland’s Clevelanders in Motion Health Equity Initiative, helping you to move more, eat better and have fun along the way!