Cleveland Central Catholic senior Nyreek Boyd believes adding more jobs opportunities for Cleveland teens will reduce escalating teen violence, especially in the inner city.

Boyd said he’s been a part of the Youth Opportunities Unlimited summer jobs program for the past three years, and he’s calling on Cleveland city council and Mayor Frank Jackson to put more city tax dollars into the program.

Boyd believes more jobs for teens this summer will stop spikes in teen violence, which produced three teen shootings in Cleveland over the past two days.

The shootings injured four teens and claimed the life of 17-year-old Devin Price over the weekend.

“City council you should give more money to Youth Opportunities Unlimited because it opens doors,” said Boyd.

“They don’t have to scam their way to get money, or do something violent in order to get money, and they’re doing something positive in order to receive money.  I feel that is helping to reduce violence on teen on teen.”

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