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People often email/DM on advise on how to get started in radio or the entertainment business.

Well from here on out I will be responding to these requests “Don’t ask me, ask Rezell Simmons!!”

Who is that??  It’s a man who cut his teeth exactly the way 98% of the people in the industry cut their’s.  Whether they will admit it or not.  Rezell Simmons path in radio would be the equivalent to Russell Simmons path in Hip Hop.   The difference between the two is that Rezell decided to flat out give you the uncut blueprint with no chaser.

“How to Get into the Entertainment Industry” is a guide to show you exactly what you need to do while giving you examples of what he did plus accounts of the radio industry that made me think, WOW, I could have written this almost word for word.  Rezell managed to break down all of the do’s or don’ts for the new school coming into the game, that were quick and concise without all those glory shine stories that make people want to fan-out, but make you take a long look at the question, “Is this really what I want to do?”

For  newbies or the ones trying to recycle yourselves, the most important thing he drives home is, (referring to the analogy) “who you know…”, building relationships, but more importantly, taking things an extra step, the chapter he wrote on “Loyalty Pays Off In This Business” was masterfully well said.  This particular chapter should be read over and over again until you have committed it to memory.

In many cases, it takes a team to keep your brand and business going forward. quote by Rezell Simmons

The only thing I would have changed about that quote is that, “In all cases…”

Small but mighty, and if you have trouble reading it, pass it along to someone else, then rethink your idea about what you really want your career to be in.   If anyone in the industry disagrees with what was said in this book, they are most likely steering you wrong (hating) or they’re unemployed.   Real talk.

But don’t take my word for it, check it out yourself, and as always please read responsibly ♫  {JUST DON”T ASK ME ABOUT HOW TO GET IN THE BUSINESS ANYMORE ASK REZLL}

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