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It’s a jungle out there.The US alone is home to about 91,000 known species of insects and an additional 73,000 “undescribed” species. Yes, they far outnumber people, and like us, they get active when things heat up.  Identification is key, and there are plenty of resources to help out. They’re annoying, sometimes dangerous, and in the worst of cases, they can kill.

Mosquitoes: Stay out of the swarm

Mosquitoes kill more than a million people worldwide via Zika, West Nile virus, yellow fever, dengue and several types of encephalitis, according to the American Mosquito Control Association, which recognizes 176 species of the insect in the US.

They’re drawn to water – they need it to breed – so areas with standing water are likely hubs for hordes of mosquitoes. They’re at lake and the pool but also in inconspicuous sites such as bottles, buckets, barrels, holes in trees, docked boats, bird baths, leaky faucets, old tires and even overturned garbage lids. The CDC reports that disease-carrying mosquitoes come out most often in the twilight periods of dusk and dawn.

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