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Quantasia Sharpton isn’t letting anyone discredit her accusations against Usher — not even her own mother.

Sharpton accused the singer of sleeping with her without informing her that he had herpes, and now her mother is speaking out against her daughter’s sketchy claims. Fameolous reports that Quantasia’s mom reached out to them, apologizing for her daughter’s claims and said they’re all lies. On Wednesday, Mother Sharpton DM’d the site, apologizing for her daughter’s scamming ways.

She even chimed in on an Instagram post that was dragging her daughter, saying that she has absolutely nothing to do with what her daughter is doing right now and that it’s totally wrong. Quantasia’s sister jumped in to defend her mom, saying that her sister has done nothing but bring shame on the family since she started telling lies about Usher.

Not one to back down from drama, Quantasia replied to her mom and sister, “You get an E for effort, but now it’s time to cut it.”

She also blasted her mom on by posting her mugshot and claiming that they haven’t seen each other since Quantasia was five years old.

The posts come just a day after Usher reportedly denied that he slept with the 21-year-old. The singer has yet to speak out about his other two accusers who filed lawsuits under Jane and John Doe — however, he’s currently in the studio reportedly working on a new album.

Confessions Part III?



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