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Garlic Dill Pickles

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Most pregnant women experience some sort of quirky food craving, but there aren’t many products aimed specifically at satisfying those symptoms.

Now, the iconic local restaurant Cleveland Pickle has been hard at work on “Preggo Pickle,” a unique line of pickle varieties meant to curb those cravings.

“Couldn’t find anything that satisfied my cravings, so we decided to make them,” says Kiaran Kabat, co-founder of Cleveland Pickle.

During her two pregnancies, Kabat said she would eat three to four jars of pickles a week.

Preggo Pickle was born. Four varieties of pickles were developed specifically to ease pregnancy symptoms and curb cravings.

“Our Gingerly Pickle right here has fresh ginger in it, so it helps with nausea,” said Kabat. “That was one of the biggest things I wanted to help with other ladies.”

Kabat made sure to be mindful of what goes into the pickle recipes, knowing that pregnant women are sensitive to smells. There are also no artificial flavors or added salt in the pickle recipes.


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