Holiday Turkey

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via Wkyc:

To Sister Corita Ambro, everyone is family and everyone’s invited to Thanksgiving Dinner.

St. Augustine Hunger Center in Tremont will serve 19,000 people at 17 locations across the city. They’ll also deliver meals to 8,000 more, but only if enough people volunteer. Sister Corita says, as of Monday evening, they still need up to 30 drivers.

“The drivers have an extremely important job to do, because they take it to people who are lonely. Most of the seniors are by themselves, or most of the people who get these meals are by themselves, so they’re just so important that they stop in, say hi, Happy Thanksgiving,” she said.

Along with drivers, Sister Corita says they need volunteers to serve breakfast at Pilgrim Church as well as always-important food and monetary donations.

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