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Akron Police officer, Quincy Iverson,  grew up a fraternal member of, 1040 Copley Rd., Buchtel High School.  Because of Akron Buchtel’s location it is often over looked when talking about greatness.  Akron Buchtel produced many great such as WZAK’s legendary Kym Sellers, R&B legend Howard Hewitt, members of legendary singing group “SWITCH” just to name a few.  Buchtel High School is located on Akron, OH west side, which is also the childhood home of history making NBA player, Cleveland Cavalier, LeBron James.  However their are other hero’s of Akron, OH as well as from Club 1040, and one of those hero’s is Akron Police Officer Quincy Iverson who agreed to be a part of  a ESPN series, Black and Blue: The voices of African-American police officers,  on how he traded his Hip Hop by grace to help in his black and blue’s. see video below

Iverson still isn’t sure how he got hired by the Akron Police Department. He had a juvenile record from teenage stunts like stealing from the mall. He flunked eighth grade after a house fire forced him to relocate to a hostile neighborhood and fight his way home most days. At 5-foot-5½, he worried about meeting the height requirement. He dreamed of becoming a famous rapper, not a cop. “But the grace of God, some way, somehow, they hired me,” Iverson said.

Iverson spent his entire police career on the frontlines, riding in a patrol car, responding to trouble of all kinds. He’s grateful he never had to fire his weapon, although he was shot at several times. He’s arrested more young brothers than he can remember, including some who thanked him years later. Iverson often felt tugged in opposite directions by his loyalty to the black community and his responsibility to his job.  [READ MORE]