In the world we are living in now, everyone needs a outlet where they can decompress from their daily pressures and this is not limited to just adults but teens as well. Charlie Lucas witnessed his sister Hannah Lucas dealing with depression and he wanted to do something to help, and together, they created an app called ‘notOK’.

Via: ABC News

When Hannah Lucas was diagnosed last year with a medical condition that caused frequent fainting, she felt scared and alone.

“I started passing out more and more often and I was terrified of going anywhere,” Hannah, 15, told ABC News. “Because what if I passed out and no one was around or what if someone took advantage of me?”

Hannah, a high school sophomore from Georgia, became anxious and depressed and started to self-harm, she said. From that dark point in her life, Hannah and her younger brother, Charlie Lucas, 13, created an app to help people in distress. The idea for the notOK App came from Hannah, who told her mom she wished there was an app she could use to quickly alert her family and friends when she needed help either physically or emotionally.

article courtesy of ABC News