Beyonce and Jay Z are preparing their bodies for their upcoming ‘On The Run II Tour’; embracing their vegan diet once again. Beyonce going a little harder by including her fitness regime to the diet for her re-scheduled performance at the 2018 ‘Coachella Festival’ event.

People are always looking for dieting trends to follow and this plant-based vegan diet is one of the best to consider when wanting to eliminate all meats from your diet.

Beyonce however, is not stranger to this diet as she has reverted to it time and time again especially when touring. She first started her vegan diet in 2013 in which she went cold turkey with a diet that included NO MEAT or animal products. Jay-Z is on board for the betterment of his body as well as has vowed to start his 22-day vegan diet challenge as well soon.

The vegan diet subtracts fish, meat, and other animals products from your meal consumption. Instead, the diet focuses more on plant-based foods for your consumption. Simply meaning that the animal products are replaced by mostly fruits and vegetables.

Vegan or no vegan, everyone is just on edge to see these two perform together again this year.