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The Build Series Presents Gary Owen Discussing His New BET Show 'The Gary Owen Show'

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No lie, we’ve been on the fence about Gary Owen ever since he, white man, tried to come for Mo’nique a few months ago for demanding equal pay. But his most recent transgression just takes the cake.

According to The Root, it all started weeks ago when Owen and fellow comedian Michael Blackson were going at it, clowning each other on social media.


To which Blackson responded with this video where he claims that Owen lied about him being his opening act and that his white colleague smelled like a “wet dog.” Then Blackson dared Owen to call him a “n*gga.”


While many white folks–with common sense–would have backed down and took defeat, Owen decided he was gonna win by having his Black wife, Kenya Duke, say what he couldn’t.

Sigh…we get that this may have been meant to be a joke, but at some point you have to know when to just shut up and keep it moving. This should have been that moment. That, and when white folks, including our husbands, ask us to partake in white supremacy, we need to have enough sense to say “absolutely not.”

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