Do you want to know exactly how much data Apple has collected from you? The company that Jobs built will now give you a chance to see it.

Due to Europe’s new GDPR  (General Data Protection Regulation) law going into effect on May 25, companies will now have to reveal or delete the personal data they hold if individuals demand so. Apple in compliance with the new law opened a new Data and Privacy site that will allow customers with accounts located in the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland to download all of their data the company has collected on them.

The data involved will revolve around your Apple ID account and your iPhone’s info plus any data that you have synced to through iCloud. You will also get your Apple Music and App Store activity plus any history with Apple Care included in that cache of data. Apple does warn not to expect all of that data to be readily available right away. If you are downloading content like iCloud file and photos, it could take up to a week to have that prepared for you. You do have the option to download the data in smaller chunks if need be.

You will also have to act quickly and download once it’s available because the data will be purged by Apple after two weeks. All of the information collected by Apple is, of course, voluntary but it is always good to know precisely what information they have and gives customers the ability to spot and correct errors.  Although its only available in Europe right now, Apple does plan to make the feature available to everyone soon.


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