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Agency: Seeking Representation

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Claim to Fame: Mone’ was a finalist in Miss Maryland USA. She was also featured in a major campaign for Macy’s

Modeling comes with a lifetime of rejection. Casting calls dash more dreams than they fulfill and constantly being told they don’t fit into someone’s else vision can discourage even the most passionate of young women. Luckily Lashira Moné isn’t easily discouraged.

The Baltimore native was a finalist in 2017’s Miss Maryland USA pageant and while she might not have gone home with the title she achieved what she set out to accomplish by using her time in the pageant to highlight issues that hit close to home.

“I wanted to create a platform for not only myself, but for others where I could inspire them to know their self-worth and build confidence in themselves”, Moné tells Hello Beautiful. She revealed that she was inspired to do so “after being bullied in middle school, struggling with confidence, and courage.” While Moné describes herself as “shy” that hasn’t stopped her from stepping forward in an effort to make her dreams come true even if she had to take those steps on her own.

“I started traveling to model calls, go sees, fashion shows, and photoshoots, and networking events all by myself”, shared Mone’.

“Most of the time I would get “NOs” but that never stopped me, it pushed me to continue on my journey.”

“Once I started understanding who I was and who I could eventually grow to, I started testing the waters”, says Moné.

One of the ways the model, who has now been featured in Macy’s campaigns, fashion segments on CBS, and walked in Small Boutique Fashion Week, is testing the waters is by stepping behind the camera.

Her experience as a photographer affords her a new perspective on what designers are looking for and allows her to create invaluable relationships within the fashion and beauty industries. She says, “From stepping out on faith I met so many people and has been getting so many amazing opportunities.”

She is looking forward to using those opportunities not only to improve her own life but to show others that there’s life after bullying and self-doubt.

She says, “I want to leave my mark as an inspiration to others.”


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