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Today on the Sam Sylk Show, I think everyone will agree that this sista has way too much going.  But thank God that Sam Sylk and the crew had resolve for what seems like an unresolvable situation.

So run and grab your wine it’s Sam Sylk’s Reality Hour”REWIND” time.

Dear Sam

I have been dating a married man for a year and a half. When I originally met him he didn’t say he was married. As time went on with our relationship I discovered he was married. He then told me that they were getting a divorce. More time went by and he didn’t seem like he was making any moves to leave her. In an effort to get things moving a little faster I inboxed his wife a video of us having sex. He became furious and broke up with me. Now I am pregnant and he won’t return my phone calls. So once again I contacted his wife and I guess she put him out. Now he wants to get with me again and move in with me. He says now that there is baby in the picture he finally has a reason to move on from her (his wife couldn’t have kids). After him being here two weeks, I get an inbox from his wife saying I’m not the only women that is pregnant and to enjoy my prize. I got so upset that I had miscarriage. He doesn’t know yet. Should I put him out without a conversation about what his wife said, and not tell him about the miscarriage and move on or does he deserve to know about the miscarriage now and let him figure out what he wants to do?

Check out the solution in the video below

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