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If you believe in a higher power can your soulmate be a non-believer?

Sam Sylk during Reality Hour had a “REAL” soul searching answer for a listener that is conflicted with her soulmate plus a whole lot more.

Check out what went down below:

Dear Sam

I think I met the man of my dreams. He is kind, loving, hard working and raising his son as a single parent. I just recently graduated from college and landed the job of my dreams. Life seems amazing right? Well I took him home to meet my parents and they weren’t crazy at all about him having a child and the thought of me potentially becoming a stepmom without having a child of my own. My family are EXTREMELY devout Baptists. But what really set them off was when they asked him about his relationship with God and he said he didn’t have one as a matter of fact he says he’s a non-believer!! I had no idea. On the way home from my parents I felt so confused and heartbroken. Here I thought our challenge was his child but it’s the fact that he doesn’t believe he is a child of God. I really love this man as well as his child but how can I continue a relationship with a man that doesn’t believe in God? I have kinda been stand offish to him ever since but he has been still adamantly pursuing me? What can I or should I do?