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December has not been good to Jacquees…which honestly is mostly his own fault.

First, he was dragged to hell and back on social media for delusionally declaring himself the King of R&B, then he almost got body checked for trying to roll up on Keith Sweat and then a old video of the singer remixing Soul For Real’s “Candy Rain” resurfaced online and Black Twitter lost its collective mind.

Now, there’s a petition demanding that the 24-year-old singer be banned from performing any more cover songs.

Someone named Ricky Fields recently launched the campaign with one goal in mind: “As a Black Community, we have to figure out how we getting rid of Jacquees.”

Granted, can anyone blame Ricky for being fed up, especially given Jacquees’ awful array of remixes including this one of Beyonce’s “Flawless”:

Or this one of Ella Mai’s “Trip”:

Or this one of Michael Jackson’s “Dirty Diana”:

Clearly, the petition has struck a nerve with nearly 40,000 signing it and leaving the most hilarious comments on how and why the R&B singer must be stopped by any means necessary.

“In the spirit of Kwanzaa I come together with my Breathern in order to cease Jacques from covering anymore songs. Dear brother today is Kujichagulia it is time that you created some of your own music in order for us to determine if you are a KING,” one supporter of the petition wrote.

Another said, “He is ruining good, classic music. He is a joke, and my ears have bled enough up to this point. I cant take it anymore!”

Someone also wrote, “He really needs to stop I used to like him NOT ANYMORE STOP RUINING MY CHILDHOOD SONGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

While Jacquees has yet to publicly comment on the petition, he did Tweet the following on Wednesday (Dec. 26):

Well, clearly these friends are not being honest with him about the quality of his work.

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