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Have you ever heard of someone having a wife that the number 1 song on her playlist is R. Kelly’s ‘FEELIN SINGLE’?  If your spouse was walking around like they were single could he or she ‘SURVIVE’ you?  And how would you handle a problem like this.

Well Sam Sylk during ‘Reality Hour’ had some kind of REAL language advice for this listener that is trying to understand why after he married his wife, she seems to think it’s cool to act like her single friends.

Check out what Sam Sylk and company had to say about this brotha and his unusual problem below.

Dear Sam

I’m mad as hell!! My wife and I used to do everything thing together. She was my ride or die. We dated for 7 years before we got married but now we have been married 3 years and this woman thinks it’s cool to make moves without me. I kinda thought it was a little funny when she always goes out to dinner and for drinks at least once a week with her girls. Then they started going out of town on weekend girls trips. She always seems to go to family reunions and that without me. But now she is talking about going on a cruise with her girls for a week. This from a woman that looks at me side eye when I go to a game with my boys every blue moon. Oh did I say she just told me she was pregnant but hit the roof when I said by who? What kind of wife does all that. I liked her better when she was just my girl. Help a brotha out. Am I wrong? #samsylkshow #chicago

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