Congrats to Pretty Ricky Member and Love and Hip Hop Star, Spectacular, he is the man behind the “Grumpy Cat” brand!

According to the, Spectacular Smith has made millions off of the brand. The Shaderoom posted this pic to their site with the caption that read,  “Spectacular Smith is the man behind the viral brand #GrumpyCat. Back in 2011, @IamSpectacular started his social media growth company, #Adwizar.

#Spectacular discovered the cat on YouTube and decided to create a meme out of the cat’s face. @IamSpectacularstarted building the Twitter account of Grumpy Cat with grumpy memes like, “I had fun once.. it was awful” to match the cat’s grumpy face. Days later, the meme caught on fire on social media getting shared by hundreds of thousands of people that even started generating their own memes.

Within a week, #GrumpyCat became one of the most viral memes on the internet. The Grumpy Cat page was suspended on Twitter for impersonation of the cat once the account reached over one million followers.

After years of having merchandise in stores like Macy’s, Walmart, and other large retail stores, #GrumpyCat is now the richest cat in the world with a net worth of 100 million.”

This is so dope!


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