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It’s been 2 weeks since FOX Empire star Jussie Smollett was attacked in Chicago while stepping out to get something to eat and a culprit still hasn’t been brought to justice.  Police say that haven’t found a camera that shows the attack on it, and because of the nature of the alleged crime the FBI is now involved.  But still now answers.

According to police they feel listening to Smollett’s cell phone of his calls that night would be helpful.  However in one breath the police say believe Jussie’s story then in another report that he hasn’t given them his phone.  It has also been reported that some don’t believe it happened at all.

Well how does the saying go “when you seek you shall find”, and that’s exactly what some reporters from the New York Post did.  They went to seek and they may have found something.

New York Post reporters decided to retrace the steps of Jussie Smollett that night that he walked under that underpass that left Jussie Smollett beaten, with a chemical poured on him and a noose placed around his neck.  The reporters while retracing his steps found a hot sauce bottle that was partially filled with a chemical in it that smelled much like bleach.  The reporters reported what they found to authorities and then turned the bottle over to them.  And as of right now authorities are not commenting.

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