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How do you tell a male  family member that his wife makes you uncomfortable and she is abusing that male family member, but he doesn’t see it?  What do you do?

 A listener wrote into Sam Sylk, radio host of The Sam Sylk Show on 93.1 WZAK during his daily 1 pm Reality Hour segment to ask him is it possible for a woman to abuse a man and how can he help his brother from his abusive wife and more importantly make his brother know that he is being abused

Check out what Sam Sylk and the crew had to say and how something as simple as taking that woman hand might be the answer.

Dear Sam

I recently went to go visit my brother and his wife. I haven’t seen them since they got married. They live out of town. Me and my girl thought it would be cool to go hang out with them for a weekend. His wife insisted that we stay with them. We get there and that’s when we met his “wife”, what I mean by that Is her attitude has done a 360 since they got married. She talks so nasty and disrespectful to my brother to the point that after a few hours there me and my girl went and got a hotel. Trying to salvage the visit we all went out to dinner and his wife started yelling at him calling him stupid, taking over the conversations then she started in on us telling us that “we think we to good to stay with them” and that we are rude as hell to do what we did. We all got into a huge fight his wife was even poking him in the head in front of people in the restaurant. We left, my brother called me up to apologize but I told him that he is in a domestic abusive relationship. Thats only going to get worse. He says now I’m tripping can’t no woman abuse no man. I say to him then he needs to check her then and more importantly she owes us an apology. How do you get someone to understand that being disrespectful in front of others isn’t cool and they need to get some help? Because he obviously doesn’t see it