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Milan Christopher is not here for Jussie Smollett and feels his alleged hoax attack is only going to make things harder for Gay Black men going forward.

Speaking with TMZ exclusively, the openly-gay reality star made it very clear he believes the entire Jussie Smollett situation is nothing but a hoax. In the clip, Milan says the whole thing was “a plot to grow someone’s brand and give them a more powerful voice.” He followed that up by pointing out that Smollett’s Instagram following spiked tremendously after the incident.

 “I mean look at his followers. His followers were one day at two million, and now I think it’s at like 5.8. To me, it still sounds like a hoax. It still sounds like a ploy. So my idea of the scenario has not changed because everything about the story has changed…except my opinion about it.”

He also explained that Jussie’s alleged hoax will only make things difficult for Black Gay men going forward affecting peoples perception of them and fearing no one will believe future victims of attacks. The bad blood between Christopher and Smollett is no secret. In a now-deleted Instagram post, Milan accused the actor of trying to tank his career blocking him from appearing on hit Fox television show Empire.

“This insecure, jealous queen did everything in their power to keep me from expanding my brand and having a new platform that would empower my reach & expand my ”Empire.’”

Jussie is already a walking gag at this point, but we are still holding out as more information continues to come out. Christoper is not alone as far as being skeptical about the whole situation with Cardi B and Smollett’s own cast member Terrence Howard reportedly not buying what went down in Chicago. Do you think Milan has a point about Smollett? Let us know how you feel on the situation in the comment section below.

Photo: Amanda Edwards / Getty

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