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Ladies you meet the man of your dreams.  Everything is perfect.  He even goes along with your six month rule.  Six months is up you do the do and now your feelings for him has changed.  Is sex a determining factor on whether you keep someone?

Well this happened to a listener so they wrote into Sam Sylk, radio host of The Sam Sylk Show on 93.1 WZAK during his daily 1 pm Reality Hour segment, for his advice.  Sam put her on the right path to whether she should stay or should she go.

Check it out below.

Dear Sam

I have been dating this guy for about 6 months and I have a 6 month rule about sex. We have been having a great time together everything was perfect. I thought I had found the perfect one, until we did the do. It was the first time we had sex he didn’t do anything wrong but when we were finished I just felt like we had did something wrong. I wrote it off as just the first time jitters, but the second time I felt the same way. I feel like I wish we would have never had sex, because for whatever reason now I just don’t feel attracted to him. I feel like we messed up a good thing. Should I hang in there, because everything else is great or take it as a sign that we are not good for each other?


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