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Sam Sylk is trying to salvage a marriage that’s moving fast down the wrong track before it derails.

If you ask some married, or should I say ex-married couples what was the one thing that caused them to call it quits, you might get a shock when they tell you because of the kids.  Even if they are still married if you ask, a lot of couples will tell you “everything was great, until the kids came along.”

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Well a man reached out to, Sam Sylk, radio host of The Sam Sylk Show on 93.1 WZAK during his daily 1 pm Reality Hour segment, to ask him how does he handle trying to lay down rules on the kids when his wife won’t play by the rules.

Check out how Sam Sylk gave this man a lesson on how to pick his foot up, then place it back down, HARD, below.


 Dear Sam

My wife is constantly allowing my child to spend the night at some peoples house that I don’t like how they raise their own children. Their children are disrespectful, think their grown and they basically make up their own rules. My wife said how they run their household is their business I say that their ways are a bad influence on our children. She says they are just kids and should be allowed to have fun with their friends. Those kids don’t like to spend the night at our house because we have rules. Plus their father and mother cuss way too much and they are always having card parties in their basement and drinking. But my wife is always trumpin what I say. What do you think?


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