Nipsey Hussle Memorial

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The man that was like family as well as business partner to rapper Nipsey Hussle and the man who was there with him during his final hours is speaking out.

Herman Douglas in an interview told the story of how he and Nipsey Hussle used to sell CD’s in the parking lot of the place where they have a clothing store today. They grew in passions together to better themselves and their community by going from selling CD’s in the parking lot of the plaza, to owning a store in the plaza to now owning the building. Not only better themselves financially but reaching back for others to provide jobs as well as economic development for the betterment of the neighborhood. A project that Nipsey Hussle wanted to provide life in would ultimately be the place to see the end of his.

Herman Douglas, in an interview with the LA Times says that fateful day that Eric Holder walked up to both him and Nipsey Hussle and shook their hand. When Douglas stepped back inside for a moment is when Eric Holder began to open fire killing Nipsey Hussle and injuring two others.

Take a listen to what Herman Douglas had to say about the life of Nipsey Hussle as well as the day life was taken from him below.

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