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How about this for a relationship tester.  Your boo has moved in with you but now they want to move their ex-boo’s child in with you too.  Would you go for that?

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A man is taking issue with the fact that his live-in girlfriend is her ex’s kids mother figure and she wants to move one of them in because her ex feel’s that would be best for the child.  So who did call?  Sam Sylk, radio host of The Sam Sylk Show on 93.1 WZAK during his daily 1 pm Reality Hour segment, for some help. 

Check out the advice the Sylky one had for him below.

Dear Sam Sylk

I’m a woman in a relationship with my girlfriend of two years, who maintains a relationship with her ex’s children. They have been broken up for at least seven years. We have talked about marriage and we currently live together. Her EX recently has expressed difficulty in managing his children and has my girlfriend to be a “role model” for them since “their real mother is not around.” So my girlfriend AGREED. But her EX is now asking her to allow her son to move in with us. I’ve told my girlfriend that I am not comfortable with that and do not find it fair knowing that our relationship is still growing. I asked her if her relationship with her EX was still strictly platonic. She said that she was offended that I would ask her that and reminded me we ARE NOT MARRIED and that she will always be her Ex’s “friend,” and that she will continue to help co-parent her children. She doesn’t understand why I should feel any way about her ex’s children or why it is a problem for me to let the young man move in. I am so frustrated and feel this has become a burden on our relationship. Shouldn’t there be boundaries on their relationship? Isn’t she wrong for putting them be me?


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